The Work is so gentle, so kind
& so powerful

Charlotte Rosenberg
Certified Facilitator of The Work


As a facilitator for The Work it is not my job to show up as being wise about you. My job is to hold space for your wisdom to emerge. Your truth. 

Before The Work, I thoroughly tried out many traditions on my quest to find more inner freedom. Nothing was as powerful as The Work. And I want to share this experience.

I believed my life to be difficult and what I came to see through the work was, that the difficulty was in my thinking, rather than in my life. I was living with an underlying current of disturbance. A kind of inner stress.

The Work has become an essential part of my life. A way of being. It is an umbrella for all the best methods and practices I have come across. 

The Work, as a method for Inquiry Based Stress Reduction, is the kindest, most thorough approach to transforming pain, suffering, disturbance and confusion.

It has totally changed my life.