The way to a happier life

By investigating your thoughts a more joyful life can emerge

We are used to believing that negativity, sadness and anger origins from our feelings. If we look closely we might notice that there is an underlying thought to the emotion, maybe even images and body-sensations connected to the emotional reaction.

This is good news! 

The Work is a method for Inquiry Based Stress Reduction. It´s a way to inquire into the thoughts that cause us mental and emotional stress and imbalance. By investigating our thoughts the emotional charge change. We slow down our thinking, unravel the stories that we believe in and experience more ease and calm.


If for example you believe fearful thoughts, you´ll get fearful emotions. These emotions manifest in the body, as body-sensations. Often without noticing it we are filled with emotions of fear and we sense this physical charge in the body. Normally this is the point where we become aware. We feel it and because we feel it, there must be something about it. 


Just because you feel it, does that mean it is true?


Thoughts are followed by images in the minds eye. Just check it out for yourself. If I invite you to think of your kitchen what happens? You see images of your kitchen, right?

Through inquiry the whole chain of thoughts, images, stories, sensations and feelings can be slowed down and investigated. When we shine the light on that which we fear or push away it magically relaxes and maybe even let go.


The Work is a process of welcoming


I normally say: Welcoming the unwelcomed. In my experience doing that is so precious, so softening and so relaxing.

With The Work we have the ability to meet the unmet. We can gently open up to the pain inside of us. The fear, the anger, the grief, the confusion and the disturbance. And we don´t have to – which is very important. It´s always your Work. Your timing. Your openess – or not. You can´t do it wrong. 


Let fear and sadness collapse, let anger and rage lose it´s power and let the stories of injustice, shame and blame unravel. Slowly slowly. And open up to an easier, lighter and more joyful life.


All it takes to do The Work with me is to set aside time, come with an open mind and turn into stillness. The Work is a kind of meditation.


The work is not therapy. It is inquiry. I ask some questions, you reflect and share what feels right for you to share. A process of transformation has started.


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