Welcome to nownow

I am Charlotte and I am situated just outside Copenhagen, Denmark. I offer workshops and sessions online or face2face 아이폰 기본 벨소리.

I work with Inquiry Based Stress Reduction through a method called The Work. The whole idea is, that it´s our stressful thoughts that create imbalance in our lives 사운드 포지 11. By investigating these thoughts more clarity and calm emerge.

All it takes is that you set aside time, turn into stillness and come with an open mind Minecraft 1.7.10 Forge. The Work is meditation in action. I ask some questions and you become as still as possible to notice what shows up in your minds eye.

The Work, as a method for Stress Reduction, is the kindest, most thorough approach to pain, suffering and confusion I have ever experienced foxit pdf 다운로드.

Before I started doing The Work I thoroughly tried out many traditions in the quest of finding the key to our inner freedom – freedom from suffering 신광교회. Nothing of what I practised, was as powerful as The Work. The Work is like an umbrella for all the good and transformative methods I have come across.

Get in touch for a 1:1 session or to book a workshop where I introduce you to The Work and give you a real-time experience of the method.

Please get in touch by mail or mobile.

Mobile: 0045 2628 2454